Concepts For Building

Prefabricated, Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Building With Steel

steel and metal buildings
steel and metal buildings

There are several things to consider when deciding on a building. Choosing the right materials, the right sizes and the right dimensions are no small task, it’s also very important to choose the right manufacturer. Some of things you will need to consider include safety, cost efficiency, time and durability. You will want to choose a reputable builder and quality materials. By using this “concept for building” you will get a modern, safe, economical and quick solution for your building needs. These days building with steel is gaining popularity in many areas. Prefab steel structures are suitable for a number of purposes such as aircraft  hangars, storage areas, garages, workshops and even churches. They also offer one of the best, safest, and most durable solutions for agricultural buildings and horse riding arenas. Continue reading

Steel Building Systems A Fast Construction Method

A Steel Building System Is a Fast Construction Method

metal and steel buildings
metal and steel buildings for any end user purpose

A steel building systems is a fast construction method; this project consisted of three pre-engineered, manufactured metal building systems for a plant nursery in Miami, Florida. Why does this “concept for building” give excellent value? Because with this building concept you not only get fast track construction, you get fast designs, unsupported clear spans (no intermediate columns) and a very long useful life  standing seam metal roofs, more than one floor level, all in a fast track building package.

We Can Make Your Building Look Like a Regular Block and Stucco Building

concrete block and steel buildings
concrete block and steel buildings

You don’t like the metal siding look. No problem, we’ll give you a manufactured metal building using a steel building frame, standing seam metal roof, normal every day exterior walls in block and stucco, brick or insulated metal panels. Using these materials for your new, church, school, refrigerated warehouse, or other facility provides the customer with a building that is structurally sound and pleasing to view, yet provides a fast track design and fast construction method. Continue reading

Metal and Tension Fabric Building Exports

Metal Buildings Export Services

We provide metal building export services, nationally and internationally. We also provide material quantity surveys.

Pre-manufactured steel metalbuildings export services.
Pre-manufactured steel metal buildings export services.

Is it our labor costs that are affecting our ability to compete in the world market? Interesting question!I have been involved in the construction industry over 40 years. I received my state of Florida license  in 1973. In 1986 I activated the license that I had kept inactive for thirteen years, registered the company as a sub-chapter ‘S’ with the IRS and the Florida Department of Finance. I had a whopping $1,200.00 in the corporate account so I knew that I needed to get some business and get it fast. I registered with the US Department of Commerce as well as many others. In 1986 I  received notification that there was a seminar to be held in down town Miami Florida. I registered and attended. The presentation was given by a representative of the US Department of Commerce. My recollection is that the seminar lasted about three hours. Honestly, I don’t remember everything that was spoken by this very young, very intelligent and very attractive young woman from US D of C. I do remember this and I will never forget it. She said, “ladies and gentlemen make no mistake about this, we the USA, the developed and underdeveloped economies of the world are entering a world economy and you small business people will need to find a way to compete in this new world economy.” Continue reading