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Building With Steel

There are several things to consider when deciding on a building. Choosing the right materials, the right sizes and the right dimensions are no small task, it’s also very important to choose the right manufacturer. Some of things you will need to consider include safety, cost efficiency, time and durability. You will want to choose a reputable builder and quality materials. By using this “concept for building” you will get a modern, safe, economical and quick solution for your building needs. These days building with steel is gaining popularity in many areas. Prefab steel structures are suitable for a number of purposes such as airplane hangars, storage areas, garages, workshops and even churches. They also offer one of the best, safest, and most durable solutions for agricultural buildings and horse riding arenas.

Steel Buildings Are Safe and Comfortable 

Not only are they safe and comfortable for the animals and the people working with them, prefab metal structures also enable owners to cut operating costs, and optimize space. A traditional wooden barn is much more susceptible to fire and other natural disaster than a steel building. Not only is a steel barn built with an I-beam more durable than a light gauge pole barn, the nature of the structure also provides more usable space.

Metal Barn With Gambrel Roof
A picture of metal barn with a green gambrel roof.
Horse Riding Arena
Picture of a metal riding arena

Natural Lighting in A Steel Building

Agricultural steel buildings can be designed to make optimal use of natural lighting, which saves a lot of money in the long run, and offers an environmentally friendly solution. Using insulation packages the structures can efficiently be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Steel riding arenas can be constructed with or without walls, the latter offering great ventilation, while simultaneously keeping rain out. Fully insulated, enclosed riding arenas make for ideal riding temperatures even in the winter time.

Written by buildingssteel

Steel Building Systems Is Fast Construction

metal and steel buildings

metal and steel buildings for any end-user purpose

Steel building systems fast construction; this project consisted of three pre-engineered, manufactured metal building systems for a plant nursery in Miami, Florida. Why does this “concept for building” give excellent value? Well with this building concept you get fast track construction, fast designs unsupported clear spans (no intermediate columns) a long useful life  standing seam metal roofs, more than one floor level, all in a fast track building package.

We Can Make Your Building Look Like a Regular Block and Stucco Building

metal building contractor, Florida

Steel and metal buildings with conventional block and stucco walls

You don’t like the metal siding look. No problem, we’ll give you a manufactured metal building using a steel building frame, standing seam metal roof, normal every day exterior walls in block and stucco, brick or insulated metal panels. Using these materials for your new, church, school, refrigerated warehouse, or other facility provides the customer with a building that is structurally sound and pleasing to view, yet provides a fast track design and fast construction method.

concrete block and steel buildings

concrete block and steel buildings

We Provide Export Services and Construction Cost Estimates

steel buildings for warehouses, office buildings and more

steel buildings for warehouses, office buildings and more

We provide export services from the Port of Miami, in Miami Florida, USA. No matter where you live we will design a building to meet or exceed your local building regulations, we will do it fast and cost effectively. This concept for building saves the customer money by reduced start to finish construction time. Being ourselves business men and women we understand the principle; “time is money.” 

Give us a call we will make sure that at the end of the project you will be glad you did.

 Our contact information can be found at the top of the page or simply click on the contact us tab and send us an email. We will respond to your inquiry within twenty-four hours.

The Old Method Of Building A Warehouse Was Wood Post and Beam Construction

This type of building is a modern-day method that provides the client with cutting edge building technology in commercial building construction.

In earlier times this kind of building was built using on-site wood post and beam construction like this building the building below, built in the 1920s. 

Heavy timber construction in 1920

Post and beam using heavy timbers cut and fabricated on-site

Metal Buildings Export Services

We provide metal building export service, nationally and internationally. We also provide material quantity surveys.

Pre-manufactured steel metalbuildings export services.

Pre-manufactured steel metal buildings export services.

Is it our labor costs that are affecting our ability to compete in the world market? Interesting question!I have been involved in the construction industry over 40 years. I received my state of Florida license  in 1973. In 1986 I activated the license that I had kept inactive for thirteen years, registered the company as a sub-chapter ‘S’ with the IRS and the Florida Department of Finance. I had a whopping $1,200.00 in the corporate account so I knew that I needed to get some business and get it fast.


I registered with the US Department of Commerce as well as many others. In 1986 I  received notification that there was a seminar to be held in down town Miami Florida. I registered and attended. The presentation was given by a representative of the US Department of Commerce. My recollection is that the seminar lasted about three hours. Honestly, I don’t remember everything that was spoken by this very young, very intelligent and very attractive young woman from US D of C. I do remember this and I will never forget it. She said, “ladies and gentlemen make no mistake about this, we the USA, the developed and underdeveloped economies of the world are entering a world economy and you small business people will need to find a way to compete in this new world economy.”

aviation tensioned fabric buildings

tension fabric buildings for aviation maintenance operations

Today I remember those words and think how prophetic they were. I am old enough to remember buying products with a stamp “made in America”. Now every product we buy (or most of them) are stamped made in China or made in Taiwan or Japan. Obviously there is no country in the world that can hold a candle to American technology but production of those every day items, not to mention that addictive substance named “oil”, are produced elsewhere. This equates to a very unbalanced-balance of trade AKA international export of US products. Concepts Building Systems exports pre-engineered metal and tension fabric buildings and has done so since 1986. The whys, the wherefores about our negative balance of trade in recent years are very much like the question of which came first the chicken or the egg. Was it labor, was it environmental concerns or government regulations, government over regulation, how about www? Why have most if not all of our mover and shaker industries moved aboard? To me the answer is like a very complicated calculus test question. It may be that a number of processes or ways that will produce the right answer. If there is a right answer? Call toll-free 877-382-0811

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