CSI Division 13 Special Construction

CSI Division 13 Special Construction

Construction Specifications Institute division thirteen consists of different types of special construction commonly used in providing “Shelter From the Elements”.

Special Structures

tensioned fabric buildings
steel frames for fabric covered buildings

All sorts of special structures are included in division thirteen. Structures such as air supported fabric structures, single walled and double walled air supported, tensioned fabric structures, metal space frames, wood space frames, to name a few. Of these “Concept Building Systems”, provides and erects tensioned fabric buildings and pre-engineered-premanufactured steel and metal buildings nationally and internationally.

This type of construction provides excellent value to customer as they are much faster to complete than conventional types of construction. Because they are shipped in disassembled construction they can be sold and erected world wide.

Use for Manufactured Buildings

Uses for this type of construction are many  and varied to include schools, shopping centers, student dormitories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, office buildings and many more besides.

Other Types Special Construction Included in Division 13

Other Types of Construction included in division thirteen include swimming pools above ground and below ground, swimming pool equipment, recirculating gutter systems, amusement park structures and ice rinks as well as others.

Future Additions to Division 13

Soon to be added to the special construction division, division thirteen will be container homes. For those not familiar with this relatively new type of construction. This construction is of steel shipping containers. They have been used for single family and multi-family structures. Some that I’ve seen are well presented when a little imagination is applied. 



Metal Buildings for Refrigerated Warehouses

Metal Buildings for Refrigerated Warehouses

Metal buildings have many uses one of which is refrigerated warehouses. Late in 2009 we completed a metal building for refrigerated warehousing at a food processing plant in Leesburg Florida.

Refrigerated Warehouses Using Metal Building Frames

warehousing for for food processing plants
refrigerated warehouse

The insulation for the refrigeration units was provided by six inch thick insulated metal panels. There was an existing steel bar joist roof structure that was to be removed and a new steel bar joist roof system installed in place of the old. The new roof needed to be raised to accommodate the new ceiling mounted refrigeration units.

This meant that the entire supporting structure, the columns and beams upon which the old roof structure rested had to removed and the new structural elements raised to meet the new required ceiling height.

Additional Head Room Height Was Required

barjoist installed
barjoist installed for additional head room

This plant was a twenty four hour a day, seven day a week and 365 days a year operation. The additional head room height was needed not only for the large refrigeration units but for the forklifts and operators as well. So our job was to get this project underway and completed on time while men and machine were operating below the work areas.This sometimes created work stop orders that slowed the progress. The slowed progress created extended work times to maintain the projected project completion time.

High Speed Doors

High speed automatic doors installed
high speed doors

Next to refrigerated area of the plant was a non refrigerated area the openings through which the forklifts passed were equipped with automatic, high speed, overhead, insulated doors.

The challenged provided by this project was a two headed monster finish the job on time and without injury. Not easy under the circumstances.

Prefabricated, Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Prefabricated, pre-engineered steel buildings. There are several things to consider when deciding on a building. Choosing the right materials, the right sizes and the right dimensions are no small task, it’s also very important to choose the right manufacturer. Some of things you will need to consider include safety, cost efficiency, time and durability. You will want to choose a reputable builder and quality materials. By using this “concept for building” you will get a modern, safe, economical and quick solution for your building needs. These days building with steel is gaining popularity in many areas. Prefab steel structures are suitable for a number of purposes such as aircraft hangars, storage areas, garages, workshops and even churches. They also offer one of the best, safest, and most durable solutions for agricultural buildings and horse riding arenas.